Physical Preparation

Running is impacted by the components of fitness. These are

  • Endurance

  • Speed

  • Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Co-ordination


Any shortfalls in these will have a negative impact on your running. For example if you do not have a strong core you will not maintain an upright posture. This may lead to you leaning forward when you run and your hips/ body tilt forward and affect your balance.

I can prepare you a plan to work on these areas depending on your individual need and give you a set of exercises. You can do this at home or the gym or one to one with myself. I will watch you perform the exercises to ensure correct movement which promotes injury prevention. We will also write in progressions and advance the exercises as you master them.

This is offered at £30 an hour one to one

Plans for £15 for 6/8 weeks after initial assessment.

We new friends!